In order to accelerate the countries fast and sustainable development, strengthening the science, technology and innovation sector is important. Strengthening the sector will enable the countries dedication to shift to industry led economy to be efficient and effective. Therefore, in order realize efficient and effective economic shift in short time the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy is ratified on 2012 by the Council of Ministries. Science and technology information is one of the policy issues that are identified after analyzing the country's science, technology and innovation problems; countries experience and studies of the country's current situation. Science and technology information center is established by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 257/2004 with the mission to identify, gather, organize, analyze and add value through research, as well as disseminate a science and technology information to accelerate the countries technology transfer. In addition, so as to let the country be beneficiary from science and technology and to bring about structural change; the Center is given the mission to ensure the competitiveness of the key science and technology information users i.e., manufacturing and service providing enterprises, higher education, researcher institutes and other entities.

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