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Public Relations & Communications Directorate

Public Relations and Communications Directorate

Objective of the Directorate

Providing current and reliable information to stakeholders and the public about new and improved technologies and plays pivotal role in poverty reduction activities by successful learning, adaptation and utilization of foreign technologies transfer activities throughout the country.

Main Responsibilities and Key Tasks

  • Gathering,analyzing,compiling and disseminating significant information about the Ministry from concerned bodies for improving the day to day activities of the ministry.
  • Planning, facilitate, and implementing public relations activities to accomplish vision and mission of the ministry.
  • Creating, facilitate and implementing information exchange procedure/mechanisms among various core processes in the ministry.
  • Conducting media monitoring and analyzing on issues of the ministry and also gathering feedback regularly from the public /internal & external customers/, and forwarding to the top management.
  • Working for establishing healthful relationship among the ministry, public and media.
  • Preparing and coordinating press conferences and discussion forums on the policies, strategies, rules and regulations of the ministry.
  • Planning, facilitate and implemented field visits to popularize Science & technology activities undertaken by core processes and projects in the ministry from higher government officials, journalists and the public at large.
  • Planning and implements trainings on public relations and media for creating mutual understanding about the ministry.
  • Producing TV and Radio programs on Science, technology and innovation activities of the ministry to publicize and creating national consensus.
  • Providing Audio-Visual (Video/Photo) documentation service to various meetings, workshops, Seminars, events and so on arranging by the Ministry as well as organizations accountable to the Ministry.
  • Controlling advertisements or notices which are broadcasted or printed on MOST website media outlets concerning the Ministry whether they transmitted the message according to the standard, rules and regulations or not.
  • Playing a regulatory role with other concerned bodies when unexpected happening occurs in the ministry.
  • Publicize new, emerged technologies and useful experiences of institutions, individuals, researchers and innovators make sure their productivity.
  • Preparing performance report of the directorate periodically.

Contact Person

Director, Public Relations and Communication Directorate
P.O.Box: 2490