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International Relation & Cooperation Directorate

Name of the Directorate

International Relation and Cooperation Directorate


International Relation and Cooperation Directorate is one of the supportive processes in the ministry. The main objective of its establishment is to create and encourage cooperation with developed and developing countries as well us with various international and regional organization with the vision of building national technological capabilities.

International Relation and Cooperation in the area of science and technology is necessary to get information,for manpower training,expert assistance,experience sharing,collaborative research,joint venture in technology transfer and also as a source of funding for scientific and technological projects.

Main Responsibilities and Key Tasks

  1. Main Responsibilities
  • Establishing scientific and technological cooperation with countries and international organization and strengthen previously established co-operations based on signed agreements and memorandum of understandings to realize the mission of the ministry and those institutions accountable to the ministry;
  • Searching for regional and international stakeholders to finance project proposals and following up, evaluating their implementation.
  1. Key Tasks
  • Generating project and program ideas and prepare Memorandum of Understanding for scientific and technological cooperation;
  • Identifying international and regional scientific and technological cooperation areas;
  • Evaluating projects prepared by other organs, searching for funding and following up its implementation;
  • Facilitating the continuation or termination of projects;
  • Gathering, compiling and analyzing technical information;
  • Conducting need assessment on professional and technical cooperation;
  • Preparing profiles of partner countries and international organizations;
  • Giving professional consultancy and support for work processes.

Contact Address

Diractor, International Relation and Cooperation Directorate