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The Main Objective 

Science and Technology policy research and future planning directorate is to encourage, strengthen and support the science, technology and innovation activities by establishing and performing the national and regional innovation system. In line to its main objectives it performs the following core duties and activities:

  • Indicate alternative policy directions by conducting research on the existing STI policy
  • Confirm the impacts of  research and development made on emerging technologies
  • Set and put directions on future plan framework and support the establishments of  different institutes depending on the existing STI policy directions
  •  Prepare panels for awareness creation and popularization activities in the community on STI policy execution strategy.   
  • Perform STI policy and strategy analysis compatible with the economic growth of the country and revise the existing policy periodically depending on the analysis output.
  •  Coordinate the national STI councils and confirm the execution of council’s decision.
  • Make effective information access/linkage for higher educations, research institutes, manufacturing and service providing institutes that indicates their sectorial growth mentioned in STI policy.  
  • Identify the direction and indicate main pillars to implement regional and national innovation governance system and follow up and support its implementations.
  • By scanning trends of science, technology and innovation in the country as a whole and giving recommendations vital to country’s economic growth.   
For further information please contact 

Mr. Desta Abera: Director, Science and Technology Policy Research and Future Planning Directorate.


phone (mobile) +251912183844

phone (Office) +251111265737