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Capacity Building Directorate

Name of Core Directorate/Supportive Process:

  • MoST Capacity Building Directorate


to help strengthen in establishing and supporting S & T institutions with concerned stake holders in developing and building the human capability in S & T for searching, selecting, learning, using and copying appropriate foreign effective technologies with in the major technology transfer centers as well as in setting System of framework for the national S and T transfer as well as education curriculum studies besides the follow up of the application procedures and award system at national level.

Main Responsibilities and Key Tasks:

  • Support the establishment of national S and T infrastructures with major stakeholders;T.
  • Encourage & support financially national science academies, S&T institutions, professional associations & school science clubs that may contribute to the development of S &T.
  • Establishing economically viable & technology transferring process accelerating institutions at federal & regional levels.
  • Joint task accomplishment with stakeholders on award evaluation, feasibility of S & T institution establishment study as well as plan & performance evaluation.
  • Assessment surveys for the national S & T human resource demand and supply.
  • Technology gap surveys of the technologists/technicians.
  • Facilitate, support & organize short-term technology trainings in collaboration with institutions.
  • Evaluate & certify by collecting documents of candidates for the annual national science, math, innovation & research award ceremony.

Projects and Programs:

JERBE project/joint Ethio-Russian Expedition projects.

National S & T human resource demand and supply assessment survey.



  • Directorate brochures (every 3 months)
  • National maths, science, research & innovation award brief brochures (Annual)
  • National science award guidelines (reviews/annual)
  • National science academies, S&T institutions professional association & school science club support manual/guide


  • National S&T HR demand & supply assessment document/annual
  • National business incubation centers establishment document
  • National technology park establishment survey document
  • National science museum establishment survey document
  • The national center of excellence establishment survey document


  1. 1National Science academies, technology institutions & professionals & Science clubs association to request financial support:-

i. Proposed on financial support need request /Proposal.

ii. Attachment of request format/application prepared by the Ministry

iii.Renewed license certificate (for professional association) &

iv.President's/Vise president's signed approval for the request from the association &

v. For accepted proposal the academy professional association should bring a receipt paper for its financial support.

vi. Finally, financial utilization or audit report.

  1. For technology short-term training participation

i. Based on prior training need assessment by the ministry/directorate nationally/regionally,

ii. The prior identified technologists (either from industries or TVETs) proposed by the concerned,

iii. The professional technologists must be prepared and willing to cover the full package and proposed to be related with the subject &

iv. The trainee must be approved by the representing institution.

  1. To participate in the national annual maths, science research and innovation award competition:-

i. Full fill the requirements of the award guideline distributed official and posted online,

ii. Fill the ministry's application format for award &

iii. Should be approved by the regional offices and representing institutions.

Frequently used and online registration (application) forms

  • Science Academies, technology institutions & professional associations support request form
  • National award application formats
  • National award guidelines

Frequently asked services

  • Requirements for national award participation
  • Requirements for financial support request

Frequently asked information and documents

  • National science , maths & innovation award guidelines
  • National research & innovation award guidelines
  • National science award application criteria & requirements
  • National professional associations academies, S&T institutions & science clubs fund request criteria guide/amount &
  • Financial support/Fund request application/format

Contact Address

Science & Technology Capacity Building Directorate
Ato Webeshet Tafese, Acting Director
E-mail: wobishett@yahoo.com
Tel: +(251)-118-96 27 90
Mobile: +(251)-911-47-74-77