Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Message of the Minister

Her Excellency W/ro Demitu Hambisa, Ministry of Science & Technology Minister

Her Ex. Demitu HambisaBased on the five years growth and transformation plan of our country, many and multidimensional development activities are undertaken. The past years two-digit growth rate in economy is also repeated continuously. Besides registering two-digit economic growth, making the society beneficiary from the growth is one important achievement. This promising development must be strengthened by Science and Technology development plan implementation. This will contribute a lot for the country’s plan of transformation towards middle-income earner country.

The F.D.R.E Science and Technology Ministry has a vision of entrenching the capabilities which enable rapid learning, adaptation and utilization of effective foreign technologies by the year 2023 G.C. Moreover, it has a mission to create a technology transfer framework that enables the building of national capabilities in technological learning, adaptation & utilization through searching, selecting and importing effective foreign technologies in manufacturing and service providing enterprises.

To make its mission and vision true, the Ministry has prepared a five years plan. This plan is prepared based on the country’s five years growth and transformation plan. To make it fruitful, the Ministry follows up its implementation through periodical evaluation of its performance with its workers, society’s representatives and stakeholders. It also gives emphasis for strategic directions of science and technology of the GTP.

Among strategic directions of Science and Technology, more emphasis is given for building innovation system, Technology transfer and human resource development. The Ministry also undertaken various activities regarding these strategic directions and will also undertake additional activities by the next planed period.

To boost these activities and make our development endeavor effective, we need to work hard. These and other strategic directions of science and technology, however, can be successfully implemented by the support from the society and stakeholders. Therefore, I request the society and stakeholders to be on the side of the Ministry and make their own historical contribution to your country.

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