Science and Technology Ministry (MoST) is a governmental institution that established for the first time in December 1975 by proclamation No.62/1975 as a commission. Following the change in government in 1991 and with the issuance of the new economic policy, the Commission was re-established in March 1994 by Proclamation No.91/94. The commission went into its 3rd phase of re-institution on the 24th of August 1995 by Proclamation No.7/1995, following the establishment of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as an Agency.

Later on, in 2008 the government upgraded the Agency as one of the Cabinet ministries accountable to the prime minister and the council of ministers by the proclimation No. 604/2008 and restablished recently too in October 2010.

  • Vision
    To see Ethiopia entrench the capacities which enable rapid learning, adaptation and utilization of effective foreign technologies by the year 2022/23.
  • Mission
  • To create a technology trasfer framework that enables the building of national capacities in technological learning, adaptation and untilization through searching, selecting and importing effective foreign technologies in manufacturing and service providing enterprises.
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Powers and Duties of the Ministry

According to proclamation No.603/2008 the Ministry of Science and Technology shall have the powers and duties to:

1. Forward recommendations based on studies for adopting and revising polices ,strategies, laws     and directives on the development of science, technology and innovation activities that support  the realization of the country's socio-economic development objectives;

2. Prepare  science, technology and innovation master plans; provide guidelines for the preparation of sector annual plans, programs and projects; review and submit them to the Government for approval; monitor and evaluate their implementations;

3. Set priorities for the country's research activities, and ensure that they conform to the country's development strategies;

4. Direct coordinate and support science, technology and innovation activities and country-wide research programs with a view to realizing the country's social and economic development objectives;

5.. Facilitate conditions to ensure strong inter linkage among higher education, research and development and the industrial sector with regard to scientific research  and technological advancement focusing on production activities;

6. Create public awareness and ensure the applicability of scientific and technological achievements that are useful for the country;

7.Develop the capability for searching, selecting, negotiating, procuring and importing   technologies that are appropriate for the     country's socio - economic condition and establish a system for the import, utilization and disposal of technologies;

8. Support the efforts to develop and upgrade the competent man power required for science, technology and innovation activities; and build national capability thereof;

9. Collect and organize information on science, technology and innovation; formulate and disseminate applicable indicators on science and technology; set and follow up the implementation of standards for the assurance of the quality, safety and reliability of information;

10. Encourage studies and research and development activities carried out to improve and develop indigenous technologies, and ensure their application and support efforts thereof;

11. Support and strengthen institutions that undertake research and development activities and have contribution in the development of science and technology; propose, as may be necessary, the establishment of new institutions rendering scientific and technological services;

12. Provide professional and technical support to regional science and technology institutions so as to build their capabilities;

13. Establish and implement a system for granting awards and incentives to individuals and institutions that have contributed to the development of science, technology and innovation;

14. Assit and encourage the establishment of associations that contribute to the development of science, technology and innovation and provide support ;

15. Encourage the practical application of inventions that support technology transfer; establish and implement of a patent system that encourages and advances such inventions;

16. Follow up the implementation of monitoring system for the use and disposal of rays' and sources of rays' equipment;

17. Ensure the proper provision of quality and standardization services;

18. Support the provision of technical, consultancy and capacity building services to users of scientific instruments to enable them discharge their activities effectively;

19. Establish science and technology councils and science academy that support the implementation of science, technology and innovation system;

20. Establish relations, in various fields of cooperation, with foreign and international institutions having similar objectives






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